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Business aviation aircraft —

light business jets

Light business jets or Light Jet are small jets for short trips by companies up to 7-8 people. This type of private jet can take you up to 3,500 km without landing, depending on the number of passengers. And the cost of a light jet flight starts at around € 3,000 per flight hour, which significantly reduces the cost of traveling with a large company (compared, for example, with a business class).

Business aviation aircraft —

medium business jets

Medium business jets or Midsize Jet - in these aircraft you can stand up to your full height (175+), a flight attendant and hot meals are available for most models, they carry up to 8-9 passengers. They are mainly used for flights up to 6 hours. The average price starts from €4,000/flight hour for the entire aircraft.

Business aviation aircraft —
super-medium business jets
Super midsize business jets or Super Midsize Jets are long haul aircraft capable of crossing the Atlantic without refueling. Comfortable for flights 9 passengers on board. On most business jets of this category, each pair of seats located opposite transforms into a full-fledged berth. The average price starts from €4,000/flight hour for the entire aircraft.

Business aviation aircraft —

big business jets

Large business jets or Heavy Jets are large aircraft with a large capacity. The height of the ceiling allows you to stand upright. The wide cabin creates the possibility of free movement along the entire aircraft without interference for other passengers.
On some models, zoning of space is provided, which creates conditions for privacy for the purpose of concentrated work or a relaxing holiday. The rental price for a heavy jet aircraft starts on average from €5,500/flight hour for the entire aircraft.

Business aviation aircraft —

long haul business jets

Long-haul business jets or Ultra Long Range Jet - a category of aircraft that connect most points of the globe without refueling. Capable of carrying up to 15 passengers. Armchairs and sofas transform into full beds. A many-hour flight in comfortable conditions will allow you to arrive at your destination fresh and rested. The price of renting an ultra long range aircraft on average starts from €7,500/flight hour for the entire aircraft.|

Business aviation aircraft —

VIP airliners

VIP airliners are the largest business aviation aircraft, Boeings and Airbuses configured for a VIP cabin layout. Real air mansions with space zoning into several rooms, a bedroom, an office, a conference room and a salon for accompanying persons. Aircraft of this class are often equipped with additional fuel tanks, which allows them to make direct flights almost all over the world. The rental price of a VIP airliner category aircraft starts on average from € 15,500 / flight hour for the entire aircraft.